Cumbria Digital Projects Directory

Here's an exhaustive list of services, projects, discoveries that our team have delivered and are delivering.

Our list is currently unfinished, we haven’t brought in all of 2021 or start of 2022, so we intend that over time this list will grow. The team are writing case studies which we will link through to. The purpose is to help us work more in the open and if anyone reading this is working on something similar feel free to get in touch and discuss anything you see here.


TitleDescriptionTechnologiesNotesLaunch Date
Highways Enquiries and Fault ReportingLiberty Create
Integrated with HIAMS
June 2020
EY enablers fire, slips, new suppliers and amends

Short application for Cumbria Care

Discovery (sight register)

Business support (discovery)

Data breach (discovery) december

Gov Pay / Stripe (discovery)


Holiday Activity Program

Adult Online Courses booking and payments 2020

Library Contact us (built in november)

Shortbreaks registration 2021, booking 2022

Afghan Refugees (august)

Brokerage discover and POC

Facilities managment Discovery

Health CRM (joanna coleman)

All K2 forms into LC

Softphone Telephony

Blue badge and Waste customer record alignment

Track and Trace API and architecture overhaul to align to national


TitleDescriptionTechnologiesNotesLaunch Date
Management and allocation of Health and Social Care covid-19 grantsAn end to end service with care providers to meet gov requirements to effectively manage and report on allocation of funds and grants Liberty CreateNovember 2020
Covid-19 Enquiry management (Care providers) To move commissioning and outbreak management away from case managing and reporting on data in a mailboxLiberty Create integration with Outlook forwardingOctober 2020
Household waste and recycle centre booking serviceDuring the covid-19 pandemic restrictions were put in place nationally or HWRCs. The services provided a end to end telephone line and online booking service. Liberty Converse
Liberty Create
August 2020
Plan your wedding ceremonyAlignment of existing wedding planner system, for example what music, how many guests, readings. To match covid guidelines Liberty CreateJuly 2020
Covid-19 Outbreak management (Care providers)Phase 1 – outbreak management. Centralisation of positive cases across Cumbria Care providers. Liberty CreateJuly 2020
Covid-19 Track and TraceA multi-agency contact tracing solution of people with positive covid-19 tests. Initial focus on outbreak management of Cumbria’s care homes and schools. Liberty Create, import of national PCR results1st dedicated covid-19 contact tracing solution in the UK. June 2020
Covid-19 PPE DistributionA services that enables CCC Care Homes, Schools etc request Personal Protective Equipment, Liberty CreateMay 2020
Self service re-plan your covid-19 cancelled wedding ceremonyContact all couples who’s wedding were scheduled to be cancelled due to covid and capture their updated plans Liberty Create with data migrated in from StopfordApril 2020
Covid-19 Vulnerable People support serviceDelivery of a Covid telephone helpline, user centred case management… Enabled access to district council staff across six community hubs delivering food and medicine supplies to people shieldingLiberty Create1st Live iteration launched in 5 days, work alongside GIS staff from Sellafield Ltd…March 2020
Freedom of Information and Environmental Information RegulationsAn extension of our Complaints case management system “Contact-us” Liberty CreateFebruary 2020
Community GrantsA community grant application, case management and approval service Liberty CreateJanuary 2020


TitleDescriptionTechnologiesNotesLaunch Date
Temporary deposits and hoardings permitsAn extension of the Streetworks (Skips, scaffolds, Christmas lights) permit serviceLiberty CreateDecember 2019
ComplaintsA case management system for complaints (corporate, adults, childrens), compliments and MP correspondecesLiberty CreatePhase 1 of 2
Migration of data from legacy system.
Integration with ServiceNow API to import employee data
November 2019
Online invoice processingAn internal service to migrate from a paper process where all invoices are posted to accounts-payable from council departments, to a digital process with robotic process automation to enter invoices into the finance system for paymentLiberty Create
Blue Prism RPA
November 2019
Digital project management A tool for the team to manage projects Liberty CreateOctober 2019
Apply for a resident’s Parking PermitStage 1 transformation to create an online application for an otherwise paper only processLiberty CreateIntegration with DVSASeptember 2019
Apply for Christmas lights on the Highway (Permit)An extension of the Skips and Scaffolds permit serviceLiberty CreateSeptember 2019
Third-party insurance claimsInsurance case management service for claims against HighwaysLiberty CreateIntegration with Zurich insuranceJuly 2019
Business PortalA my-account service for approved contractors to access business specific service E.G. Skips and scaffold permitsLiberty CreateJune 2019
Apply for a Waste PermitTUPE of a contracted out team to Cumbria County Council. An end to end service including creation of Waste telephone-line contact centre solution, online application, case management and CRM. Liberty Converse
Liberty Create
Integrated with DVSA vehicle API. May 2019
Archives BookingsAn end to end service where users can book archives, desk space and facilities.Liberty CreatePilot/Alpha with Kendal Archive CentreMarch 2019
Blue BadgesEnd to end Blue Badge application, payment, case management and badge ordering serviceLiberty Create
integrated with PAY, and DfT Central Badge (BBDS)
Integration with the Department for transport BBDS Manage Blue Badge APIFebruary 2019


TitleDescriptionTechnologiesNotesLaunch Date
Streetworks Skips and Scaffold PermitsEnd to end permit application, case management and payment serviceLiberty Create
integrated with PAY
1st Liberty Create development to launch for public useDecember 2018