Solving a Sight Register problem

How do we communicate with the people of Cumbria, or rather how do we appropriately communicate with the people of Cumbria? This is a problem that we were asked to find a digital solution to.

The Sight Register is a database of local people with a visual impairment and is managed by our Social Care Teams.  As it stands, the Sight Register was only available to teams in Adult Social Care, the information also contained communication preference i.e. large print, braille or email of those users in the register 

Person reading braille

The challenge for the Digital team was to explore how this can be made accessible to the wider authority whilst protecting the customers privacy.

Based on these requirements, our team developed a prototype service using both cloud based products (Liberty create) and on-prem tools (Knime) to produce an interface whereby the business user can upload their mailing list and the digital service checks against the communication preferences and subsequently return any records that match.

Producing an innovative approach to this problem has resulted in the people of Cumbria being communicated with in the most appropriate manner.

As always with the launch of the new service, the cycle begins anew at the same time; we review the user experience and look to improve it further.