Transforming the way we recruit in the Care Sector

With a national shortage of Care Support Workers across the country and the ever-growing challenge to attract candidates into roles in care, our People Management Team needed a new, more responsive way to engage, attract and recruit Support Workers to our Services across Cumbria Care.

Identifying the main barriers, they remodelled the traditional application route, replacing it with a dynamic, more responsive and candidate focused process guiding candidates into their perfect roles from start to finish.

Not only did the team want to improve things for candidates they also needed to streamline processes to get candidates in positions as quickly as possible. This new approach is enabled by the following functionality built within Liberty Create:

Improved application form

Using user feedback, we implemented a simplified application. This makes it easier and quicker for the candidate to apply, whilst gathering enough information to enable the team to shortlist for interview.

The new approach includes a much more personable approach, giving candidates the chance to indicate their preferred roles in their preferred Service areas, while at the same time giving the recruitment team enough information to get candidates straight through to interview.

Service improvements

The implementation of a central ‘recruitment portal’ has enabled the team to streamline their processes.

Interview schedules are loaded by our People Management Teams. As soon as an interview is booked Managers are informed automatically, they can see their upcoming schedule and the details of whom they will be interviewing.

Once the interview is complete, our managers record the outcome within Liberty Create which notifies the People Management Team and the candidate immediately. Previously the team needed to chase the managers for the information, several emails later the candidate could proceed to the next stage.

Next steps

We are currently finishing testing of our ‘Vacancy Management’ solution which will transform our internal processes which is currently disjointed and lengthy.

Once implemented all vacancies will be requested, approved, and managed within Liberty Create. When a candidate is successful at interview they can be matched to an available vacancy.

Using the ‘recruitment portal’ managers will be able to monitor their vacancies and view live information about potential candidates that are available.