Traffic regulation orders (TROs)

We’ve recently implemented a new case management solution for our Highways Traffic Team to manage applications for Traffic Regulation Orders.

Our customers (usually utility companies) apply for traffic and parking restrictions, such as:

  • one way routes
  • speed limits
  • controlled parking zones
  • yellow lines
  • loading restrictions

Oliver handled the redesign of the online form. This was launched first, and the case management function implemented later. The new form improves the customer journey by allowing them to pay online. A massive shift from the old paper application forms!

I developed the case management function which moves the team away from excel documents. All applications are now managed within Liberty Create and follow a consistent process. This ensures all steps of the process are completed by the team in a timely manner. Automated emails keep the customer updated every step of the way.

Real-time reports and dashboards help our Team Leaders to manage workload and monitor performance.

Feedback from the Traffic Team

‘The introduction of the TTRO Case Management System has been a massive improvement to the Traffic Management Team which really cannot be emphasised enough. It has allowed the team to get up to date with applications, easily identify where they are in the process, provide a much better customer service to our applicants and has improved communication channels between other teams.’

‘We have already received thanks from utility companies that the new online application and case management system has resulted in a vastly improved service.’

‘The Digital Team provided an A* service and have worked closely with the group ensuring all the needs from the teams and customer were met.’

‘The benefits to the customer, Service and income from improved management from this system are significant. We are confident that those benefits would be replicated across other services.’

Laura McClellan

Traffic Management Team Leader Eden

James Houghton

Traffic Manager