Public Health, Health & Wellbeing Coaches

We started working with our Public Health Team during the COVID-19 outbreak to deliver various solutions within our low code platform. 

Following on from our successes, the Public Health Team were quick to start identifying other services and areas of work that could benefit from service redesign and improved digital solutions. 

Health & Wellbeing Team 

Working as part of a wider health and social wellbeing system, our Health and Wellbeing Coaches work with individuals and families in their homes and local communities, to support them to improve their health and wellbeing and reduce demand on statutory services. 

From 2016 the Team had ‘piggybacked’ onto data systems developed initially for Age UK and latterly Adult Social Care. Whilst the system allowed the team to record cases and outcomes it was not fit for purpose:  

  • Using someone else’s system had forced the Team to bend processes to fit the technology 
  • Being an outcome-focused service, they needed a solution to assess needs, and easily measure outcomes 
  • Insight for the team was minimal, they could not easily identify improvement opportunities or measure staff performance. Understanding their current case workload was a challenge. 
  • Timely reporting was a huge constraint, in some cases the team were waiting 3 or 4 months for the previous quarters data.  

Our goal was to have a bespoke all-encompassing system to support operational delivery of the health and wellbeing team.  

We worked alongside our colleagues within Public Health to capture their requirements, define user stories and got to work. Within a couple of weeks, the first phase of development was complete, and our teams left behind their legacy system.  

A bespoke case management solution has been fully operational from November 2022.  

The system is multi-faceted and meets the needs of the team: 

  • Referrals are received from individuals or organisations via an online form 
  • The team triage inbound referrals within the case management solution. Using a pre-defined process, the team are prompted to ensure actions are completed in a timely manner. Automated reminders and SLA’s improve the team’s performance 
  • Periodic online assessments are automatically sent to service users for completion. Outcomes and improvements are clearly visible to the team who can tailor their next steps 
  • A comprehensive reporting function allows the team and management to understand their workload, performance, and outcomes in real-time 

In addition, we have also promoted and enabled a collaborative way of working by implementing;  

  • A dedicated ‘resources’ page, this holds everything that the team need, providing quick and easy access to all relevant documents 
  • A frequently asked questions page which allows staff to ask questions and provide advice to colleagues 
  • A bug reporting tool / enhancement request page prompts the service to take ownership of their system and assists us with continuous improvement.  

‘None of this would have been achievable without the vision, skills, and expertise of our Digital Team. We have worked closely with our Digital colleagues, who at every stage provided sound advice and guidance. They helped us to reshape our processes and improve the service we offer‘ Public Health Manager