Transforming the way we recruit in the Care Sector, Part 2 

We’ve transformed the way that vacancies are requested and managed within Cumbria County Council’s care sector.  

This is our latest improvement within the recruitment process following our work last year, see our blog post here:  

The ‘central recruitment portal’ that we developed last year (within Liberty Create) is now fully embedded within the Service. 

We’ve built new functionality within the portal which enables our Service Managers to request, approve, and manage vacancies within their area.  

Requesting a vacancy: 

Our vacancy request form (HR01) is simple and easy to fill in, all the required information about costs and risks are mandatory for the Service Manager to complete. Previously our teams used spreadsheets, inconsistent use and temperamental formulas resulted in our managers hating them! 

Once a new request has been submitted automated workflows seek approval from a Senior Manager.  

Our Approving Managers can quickly make an informed decision and record the outcome within Liberty Create. Often, they didn’t have all the information they needed which delayed approval, this has now been streamlined. 

Throughout the process all managers can view the status of all vacancies, whilst automated alerts keep them informed every step of the way. 

Linking applicants to vacancies: 

Once the vacancy has been approved it’s instantly available to our Recruitment Coordinators who can begin linking applicants to vacancies. 

We’ve received positive feedback from our Service Managers: 

‘We feel that the system is working really well and it is easy to use. With the new system we feel that the process is quicker for recruitment and tickets are completed much quicker. A better system all round’Croftside Registered Manager 

‘I am impressed with the portal. The HR01 are very easy to complete, you can also follow up your vacancies, so everything matches (rota, family tree). The interview side of it is good as well. Everything is in one place and gives you all the prompts and guidance what to do. Overall thumbs up from me’ South Lakes Service Manager